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Find us at the Hong Kong Book Fair as we launch pre-orders for our new book, Sustainability Art Now! To commemorate its publication, we are offering a free Ex Libris print with each pre-order, featuring designs by artist Dio Wong.​​


Interested in learning more about printmaking and the traditional art of Ex Libris? Join our workshops at Hong Kong Book Fair Tien Dao Booth every day at 3pm and 7pm. Just show this web page to receive an exclusive offer for your printmaking experience!

“Gems on Paper” Ex-Libris
Printmaking Experiences
藏書票原名拉丁語 “Ex Libris”, 意謂「來自(我的)圖書館」。具體起源不詳,一般認為源自十五世紀歐洲,最初是貴族印其族徽貼書內以標誌其對書本的擁有,後來發展為一種版畫藝術,並為集藝者收藏。

1. 「一齊印!」版畫體驗
(1)《永續藝術在當下》藏書票系列 $50/幅
(2)《環球聖經譯本》藏書票系列 $50/幅
(3)《環球聖經譯本》經文兩篇 $100/幅,$150/兩幅

$300/人/3幅 | 二人同行,第二位半價

Ex libris, or bookplates, are decorative prints used to mark ownership of books. Originally emerging within the private libraries of the Enlightenment, they have developed from stamps of family emblems to a printmaking art in their own right, collected by museums and art collectors.
In celebration of our booth, we have commissioned award-winning artist Dio Wong to create a series of ex libris inspired by our book Sustainability Art Now and the Global Bible Translation. Everyone can create their own bookplate for their favourite books!
1. Print with us! Printmaking Experiences
A total of 16 designs are available for you to try your hand at printing.
(1) Sustainability Art Now Ex Libris $50/print
(2) Global Bible Translation Ex Libris $50/print
(3) Global Bible Translation passages $100/print, $150/two prints
(4) Miss Elephant’s seal script Fai chun/quotes, $100/3 pieces
2. Bible Quotes Printmaking Workshop    Daily, 3pm and 7pm
For a more personalised and hands-on experience, join a guided 1.5 hour session to learn Dio Wong’s learned printmaking process.
$300/person, 3 prints | $450/2 people, 6 prints
Dio Wong is a celebrated print and sculpture artist based in Hong Kong. In 2022, his recycled paper statues were awarded a commendation by the Luxembourg Art Prize for its artistic achievement. His 2016 large-scale public sculpture created with recycled candy wrappers set a Guinness World Record. His commissioned animation sculptures are in private collections around the world.

What is sustainability? How does it differ from environmental protection?
What is sustainability art?

Sustainability Art Now uncovers these vital questions and more. Reflecting on Artists Co-op's pioneering Sustainability Art Hub’s years of place making, artist residencies, exhibitions, and community programmes, our book sets forth a vision of compassion, empowerment, healing, and connection, benefiting us in the present as much as future generations. Accounts from artists, art critics, administrators, and participants alike form a bilingual record of Hong Kong’s first project of this kind—a place for all and a force for healing through the medium of sustainability art.

Join us in celebrating a pioneering fusion of art and sustainability.


Ex Libris designs by
artist Dio Wong.
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